BOOH! Don’t Be Afraid of Making Out-of-Home Part of Your Performance Marketing Strategy

By Stephanie Gutnik, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Billups

Halloween is my favorite holiday and an appropriate time to explore all things spooky, including some perceptions about out-of-home advertising.

In the evolving marketing landscape, OOH is a channel that is often overlooked and misunderstood. It is an iconic means to build brand awareness, but marketers should not be scared of adding OOH to their performance marketing strategies as well. Let’s dispel the myths and allay the fears surrounding this powerful medium.

Don’t be scared of the following three elements of OOH:


Some may dismiss traditional ad channels like OOH as outdated. However, the industry has evolved technologically alongside other media.

OOH buying can incorporate audience targeting, optimization and measurement. Digital OOH allows the flexibility and personalization of dynamic content to capture attention and enhance engagement. Programmatic capabilities easily enable the incorporation of DOOH inventory into an omnichannel campaign and video-enabled screens work as an audience extension play to reach those cord-cutters of linear TV and ad-free subscribers of CTV.

Embracing technology in OOH does not mean leaving behind the principles that make it effective—rather, it means elevating these principles so brand and performance metrics can work together.


One of the most common hurdles to OOH adoption is the overwhelming number of publishers and ad formats available to a marketer. From billboards and subway ads to taxis and grocery stores, the choices can be paralyzing. The key is not to be intimidated but to approach OOH with a clear understanding of your marketing objectives and your target audience.

Consider the location, the demographics of the audience and the goals of your campaign. Are you aiming to generate organic social reach from an ad on a spectacular screen in Times Square? Or are you targeting a niche consumer found in gyms and college campuses? Each option serves a unique purpose. By aligning your choices with your objectives, you transform the daunting array of options into a strategic toolkit.

In the cluttered world of digital advertising, OOH is a breath of fresh air. The tangibility and permanence of billboards create lasting impressions in the minds of consumers, so revel in the diverse opportunities OOH offers to tell your brand story creatively.

Asking for Help

Navigating the nuances of OOH can be complex. This is where the human element becomes invaluable. and the expertise of specialists who understand the intricacies of the OOH landscape is irreplaceable.

Consider the advantage of having a trusted partner who not only holds your hand through the process but also provides metrics and measurements for validation. Localized expertise is crucial when running OOH campaigns, ensuring that your message resonates effectively in specific markets. OOH experts have strong relationships with publishers, can help you understand the investment necessary to realize specific KPIs, will provide best practices on creative approaches and most importantly, know how to dream big.

OOH is not some relic of the past, but it does provide a timestamp of your brand within the zeitgeist of communities at the local and national level. It is a stoic yet approachable, classic yet evolving medium that complements modern marketing strategies. The tricks to investing in OOH will almost certainly lead to measurable treats.