It’s All About Content: ReachTV & Advertising Week All-In on Original Content at AWNewYork

A Q&A with Lynwood Bibbens, CEO of ReachTV

Advertising Week and ReachTV announced an expanded partnership at Advertising Week New York last week, featuring the following:

  • Season 2 of ‘Business of Sports’ Recorded Live at Advertising Week New York
  • ‘Business of Sports’ Podcast to be distributed on AW Podcast Network
  • Quarterly co-production of Advertising Week & ReachTV Original Series
  • AW Original ‘Sustainable Goat’ to premier on ReachTV in Q4
  • ReachTV to become Global Gold Tier Partner of AW Flagship Events in New York, London and Mexico City
  • Additional Licensing and airing of AW Originals on ReachTV

In light of this significantly expanded partnership, we sat down with ReachTV CEO Lynnwood Bibbens to discuss.

Q: Mr. Bibbens, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Can you share more about the motivation behind expanding the partnership between Advertising Week and ReachTV, especially at such a prominent event like AWNewYork?

Certainly. Our shared goal has always been to curate and provide unparalleled content for our audience. The AWNewYork event serves as an incredible platform to showcase this collaboration, merging the worlds of advertising, business, and sports, and ensuring our audience gets the most current and impactful insights.

Q: The live recording of Season 2 of ‘Business of Sports’ at AWNewYork sounds intriguing. How will this live element change the dynamics of the show?

The live recording brings an authentic and raw energy to the show. It allows us to capture real-time reactions, spontaneous discussions, and potentially even audience interactions. This format promises to deliver content that is both organic and engaging, making it a must-watch.

Q: With ReachTV becoming a Global Gold Tier Partner of AW Flagship Events, what unique offerings or experiences can attendees anticipate?

As a Global Gold Tier Partner, ReachTV will have an enhanced presence and will contribute to crafting some of the event’s pivotal moments. Attendees can expect exclusive content previews, interactive sessions, and potential surprise guest appearances. This partnership aims to elevate the overall experience for everyone involved.

Q: ‘Sustainable Goat’ is set to premiere on ReachTV later this year. Can you share any insights or themes viewers should anticipate from this AW Original?

While I don’t want to spoil too much, ‘Sustainable Goat’ will tackle the essential conversation around sustainability in the advertising industry. It will explore how brands can champion eco-friendly initiatives without compromising on their marketing objectives. It’s a compelling narrative that aligns with the current global emphasis on sustainability.

Q: ReachTV’s audience comprises largely business travelers. How do you envision this partnership enhancing their viewing experience?

Our business traveler audience is always on the move and craves timely, relevant content. This partnership ensures they are always in the loop with the latest industry trends, insights, and discussions, regardless of where they are. By integrating content from Advertising Week, we’re ensuring our viewers get a diverse range of perspectives and knowledge, enriching their overall viewing experience.

Q: Lastly, with the additional licensing and airing of AW Originals on ReachTV, how will this content diversification cater to the broader interests of your viewer base?

The AW Originals are curated with a global audience in mind, touching on various facets of advertising, media, and culture. By bringing these originals to ReachTV, we’re diversifying our content palette, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether they’re advertising enthusiasts, business professionals, or just curious minds.

Q: Thank you, Mr. Bibbens. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this expanded partnership.

Thank you. We’re just as excited, and we believe our audience will greatly benefit from this collaboration.