Why Businesses Must Recalibrate Their Brands in 2024 to Drive Business Growth

By David Brier, CEO and Founder, Rising Above The Noise

A staggering chunk of companies have rebranded post-2020.

Since 2020, a significant number of companies have undergone some form of rebranding.

One survey stated 51% of American and Canadian businesses changed their branding strategy since the COVID-19 pandemic while another study revealed that 75% of senior executives have worked on brands since 2020.

This trend of rebranding has been on the rise post-pandemic, with companies shifting their changes in operations to keep up with (and exceed) consumer preferences and demands.

This tsunami of rebrands includes refreshes, reboots, and resets as well as complete overhauls.

And it’s not just a trend; it’s a tidal wave.

In 2024, the playbook for explosive business growth isn’t just changing—it’s being rewritten from scratch.

  • Disruptive strategies are replacing templated systems.
  • Deep insight is replacing the rush for AI-driven output.
  • Guerrilla skills and learning to see are replacing the search for the latest AI-driven tech tool.

Before You Attempt to Market Anything, Do This

This shift that’s occurring is fueling this statistic:

  • B2B ad spend is skyrocketing. We’re talking a meteoric rise in B2B ad spend. The battleground for attention is unprecedented. And if your brand isn’t capturing attention, you’re leaving money on the table.

And the most alarming fact:

This insatiable search to drive business growth is leading many corporations to make a fundamental error in their strategies:

Using marketing solutions to solve branding problems.

Unless branding problems are fixed, no amount of budget increases (to help shovel out more marketing) will ever be effective.

And it will in fact drive down results while driving up ad spend.

It’s like that salesperson who has questionable people skills and even worse judgement who keeps pounding their prospect more and more. More pounding does NOT result in more sales.

It results in more annoyed people who can’t wait to leave and find your nearest competitor who “gets them.”

Branding is the tool that lets prospects know that “you get them.”

How to fix this misstep? Follow a very exact sequence and rule.

The rule is simple:

1. Brand first.
2. Market second.

Alter or ignore that sequence, and you mess with success and any efficiency in driving business growth.

The Big Brand Recalibration of 2024

Why this mad rush to recalibrate? Simple:

  • Disruption is King: Zigging while others zag isn’t just cool; it’s critical. Blend in, and you’re invisible. Stand out, and you’re unforgettable and have top-of-mind presence.
  • Consistency = Cash: Brand inconsistency is a revenue killer. Seamless branding across all platforms isn’t an option; it’s a lifeline to your revenue stream.
  • Emotions Rule: Customers don’t just buy; they buy in. Connect emotionally, and you don’t just have customers; you have fanatics.
  • Design Dominates: First impressions are everything. But it’s vital to nail using design as a differentiator, not as cosmetic lipstick. Get that dialed in and you’re halfway through the door. Flub it and risk being forgotten, or just seen as “something pretty” but not something that customers crave.
  • Authenticity Attracts: Today’s customers sniff out BS like bloodhounds. Be real or be rejected since artificiality is “the halitosis of business.”
  • Adapt or Die: In today’s speed of technological advances, the only constant in business is endless change. Adaptability isn’t merely a survival skill; it’s the trait that forms the foundation of an empire.

So, why recalibrate in 2024? Because:

  • Attention is the New Currency: In a world drowning in noise, being seen and heard is everything. Your brand isn’t just a logo; it’s a loud hailer.
  • The Emotional Connection Economy: People crave connection. Brands that build bridges, not just businesses, will rule the roost.
  • Design Isn’t Vanity; Its Sanity: In the blink of an eye, design tells your story. Get it right, and you’re unforgettable. Get it wrong, and you’re invisible.
  • Authenticity Isn’t a Buzzword; Its Your Brands Backbone: Fake fades, real resonates. Your brand’s authenticity is its armor in the battle for hearts and minds.
  • Change is Your Champion: The market morphs at warp speed. Brands that pivot with purpose don’t just survive; they thrive.

Bottom line: Recalibrating your brand in 2024 is not just about staying relevant; it’s about being revolutionary.

It’s not about playing the game; it’s about redefining it and crafting new rules.

Winning in 2024

In summary:

  • We must stop using marketing solutions to solve branding problems.
  • We must fix branding before we attempt to do anything with “fixing” our marketing.

And do the above concurrent with paying attention to these functions:

  • Disruptive strategies replace cookie-cutter templates.
  • Deep insight outperforms AI-driven output.
  • Guerrilla skills and learning are the ultimate skills that no automation can ever replace.

Remember: your brand is your battle cry.

And you alone are what can inject a brand with passion and imbue it with life, something no machine or algorithm can ever do.

Make your brand just like the ultimate reunion tour where we all pull out our ZIPPO lighters in one united wave of light.

In essence, recalibrating our brands in 2024 is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity, lighting the way and leading the charge.

Your brand is more than a business asset—it’s your banner in the battle for market supremacy.

About the Author

Bestselling author of Brand Intervention and world-renowned rebranding expert, David Brier’s rebrands have generated over $7 billion worldwide.

As one of Google’s top-ranked rebranding expert, David’s four decades of branding expertise are sought after by companies of all sizes and celebrated by the elite of brand building like Shark Tank’s Daymond John who calls him “brilliant with branding.” He is on LinkedIn.

In addition to David’s work being featured in ADWEEK, Fast Company, Forbes, INC, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, the New York Times and numerous blogs and podcasts the world over, he is the recipient of over 320 international awards including the rare honor of being presented the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion and publishes a weekly newsletter, The Brand Liberation Journal.