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AW360 – Geoffroy Martin, COO, Ogury

Geoffroy discusses his post-cookie vision, Ogury’s value proposition, and how the path forward is built around the idea of “personified advertising” and not “personalized advertising.”

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AW360: Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, Tubi

Adam and I discuss how AVOD is thriving in our subscription-fatigued world, the excitement around Tubi originals, particularly as we head into the Halloween season, and the upcoming buzz around Tubi providing on-demand access to World Cup. 

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AW360: Noah Greenberg, CEO, Stacker

On this episode of the AW360 podcast we welcome Noah Greenberg, CEO of Stacker. Stacker is a mission-driven organization empowering publishers by advancing sustainable models for journalism.

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AW360: Ajay Gupta, CEO, Stirista

Ajay and I discuss how Stirista got started, their recent acquisitions and growth, and their vision for the future of the marketing industry.

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AW360: Jeff Bander, Head of US, EyeSquare

EyeSquare provides research and intelligence for marketers to help inform and create more effective campaigns across platforms, with a particular focus on their proprietary eye-tracking and System 0 technologies.

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AW360: Sam Budd, CEO and Founder, Buddy Media

Sam Budd, CEO and Founder of Buddy Media, walks us through how live, in-person events have changed to fit those needs and how brands should be thinking about live events again both now and in the future.

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