Demand More from Brand: Drive Stronger Performance from Brand Spend

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What you’ll learn in this session

  • Plan audiences and inventory more effectively by validating that your ideal audience is active on the inventory you select.
  • Easily extend audiences and inventory packages across formats and devices, including CTV.
  • Optimize live campaign performance based on Quantcast first-party data and receive meaningful measurement in real-time to see how your brand campaign is affecting your lower funnel metrics.
  • Gain direct campaign feedback and insight on what is and isn’t working and why.

Grace Bailey

Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Auto Trader UK

Veronica de Campos

Director of Digital Marketing
Jack’s Family Restaurants, LP

Annie Georgieva

Senior Product Manager

Ruth Mortimer

Global President
Advertising Week

Ken Ripley

VP Sales
Scripps Networks

Amy Shriber

Director of Product Management