Reset, the Podcast: Pippa Glucklich CEO, Electric Glue and former President WACL

Pippa Glucklich is one of the media’s industry’s most senior and inspirational women. To celebrate International Women’s Day, Suki Thompson, Founder & CEO, Let’s Reset talks to Pippa in Reset: The podcast about her life and her career. From a family who fuelled her determination, her desire for equality and ambition as a woman. To a tragedy that challenged everything she thought about herself and those around her. Here, Pippa talks incredibly honestly and candidly about her early career in media, the importance and support of her girlfriends and WACL and her husband’s suicide; something that most of us can’t ever imagine but which had the most devastating impact on her life. Remarkably, Pippa describes how she is managing to rebuild her life, why she is now empowered to speak out and how she is excited for what’s ahead.

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