Adelphoi Music Podcast: Sonic Logos Part 4: Repetition

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A podcast about audio branding by Adelphoi Music and Advertising Week.
Hosted by Jamie Masters.

It’s obvious that sonic logos need to be repeated if they’re to have any chance of working – but is repetition all that matters? How much repetition is enough? And can it be overdone? In this episode Jamie looks into the power of repetition as a thing in itself. Using both the scientific evidence of the ‘mere exposure effect’ and his own observations of how we respond to musical repetitions in the real world, Jamie makes the case for repetition as a basic branding virtue, and argues that for sonic logos it is at least as important as the content. A sonic logo plays different roles over its lifetime, as it becomes more familiar through repeated exposures. At the start, it has more to do with positioning, so content matters more; at the end, it ‘says’ very little, but reinforces our sense of the brand’s permanent place in our world. Every point along that path has value for the brand, but only repetition can take a brand to that final stage.

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