How to Elevate the Role of CMO

By demonstrating how brand strategy contributes to business success, CMOs can align their goals with those of the CEO, becoming indispensable allies in driving market relevance and resilience.

The Future of the CMO in a Digital-First World

Taking the helm of the marketing department has never been for the faint of heart, but the opportunity to drive change and deliver growth is a unique position to be in. Not everyone in the C-suite can say as much. 

How German Publishers are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

The German market has a reputation for being a little slower to develop than other parts of the world, with a longer adoption cycle for new products/features, hesitancy to work with international players not based in Germany, and sensitivity around data privacy.

Connecting A Brand’s Agency Roster

Working as part of an agency roster is tough at times, but it can equally be exciting. At Dog, we’ve had over 20 years of practicing how to navigate and get the best out of cross-agency partnerships and learned a lot along the way.

The European Super League – More Than Just An Own Goal. A Marketing Strategy Disaster.

It’s not often a news story unites so many diverse figures and groups across society. But from Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Prince William to football pundits, ex-players, current managers and rival football fans across the land, the world spoke up together this week against the newly proposed European Super League. And the answer was categorically, no.

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