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See how businesses are spending their marketing budgets. Find out what digital advertising channels are attracting more spend. Explore big opportunities for every client. Learn about five new tactics worth exploring this year. Get clarity on industry challenges.

As brands have reevaluated how they communicate in unprecedented times, agencies have spent the better part of 2020 adapting their strategies to fit into this new reality. Understanding changes in consumer behavior, improving the consumer experience, and fostering industry-wide collaboration have each emerged as key initiatives in the service of this larger mission.


For digital advertising in particular, this change will have real and pervasive consequences affecting the whole of the advertising industry. And unlike with Y2K, we know what’s at stake if we don’t prepare now — and the consequences are dire.

Contextual targeting is quickly reemerging as a way for marketers and media owners to reach their audiences in a post-cookie world. But contextual targeting has been around for years, so why is it only now starting to realize its full potential as a marketing mainstay?

Balancing needs in a cookie-less world while also continuing to drive revenue is now the chief concern for marketers and media owners. That’s why first-party data has become the key to the future of performance-driven, targeted, and personalized advertising.

Without the direct connection between the players, commerce media wouldn’t work. Who are the players working together in this new and growing category? And what are the needs that are driving them to commerce media?


An analysis of our clients’ sales data shows that US in-store sales transactions in May were 8% above pre-pandemic levels in February 2020, the third consecutive month we’ve seen in-store sales exceed those prior to lockdowns.


Watch our on-demand webinar presented by Criteo’s video expert, Lucy Rogers, and you’ll learn key insights from Criteo’s recent research, the trends and strategies that will shape 2021 and beyond, and how advertisers can drive full-funnel performance with video advertising.

In this session, hear from Seun Odeneye, MD of the UK and Ireland for Matterkind, and Emma Lacey, who oversees Buyer Development for OpenX in the EMEA region, about Matterkind’s approach to digital, the changing expectations of agencies, and how Matterkind is positioning their clients to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

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