Presented with Vericast • September 15, 2021 at 2pmET
Trust & Joy: Making Privacy Matter to Real People

How current and coming pressures will shape the concerns over privacy for the people you want to engage with your brand

For marketers, being privacy-aware is not just about complying with privacy laws and regulations. Instead, it’s about understanding and addressing your audience’s concerns so that you can you build long-term trust. As such, being privacy-aware begs the question: what does privacy really mean to people—not to personas, consumers, or buyers, but to real people with real ambitions, stresses, and desires?


Susan Fletcher

Director of Privacy and Media Compliance
Kroger Precision Marketing

Stephanie Gaynor

Managing Director, Customer Strategy

Kelly Kimura

Senior Director of Product Management

Ruth Mortimer

Managing Director, Global Education and Development
Advertising Week
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