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The Cookie is Crumbling. Are You Ready?

27th Jan 2022

1pm Eastern

The countdown to Google’s deprecation of the third-party cookie is on. This impending shift has been greeted with apprehension by many, but with change comes an undeniable opportunity to invest in new approaches to understand audiences, value advertising and measure results.

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What you’ll learn in this session

Join Ruth Mortimer, Managing Director of Global Education at Advertising Week, Rohini Sen, Head of Insights at Quantcast, and agencies including m/SIX, and PMG, to hear multiple perspectives on why this shift is an opportunity for innovation and growth. They will also explore innovative solutions that operate in cookieless environments today. Discover how you can gain a competitive advantage by accessing new audiences and more inventory, and get results at scale.

So as the cookie crumbles, learn how you can embrace innovation and enter the next chapter of advertising on the open internet. The time to prepare is now.


Taylor Bentley

Senior Programmatic Media Manager

Joseph McKenna

Head of Programmatic, UK and WW

Ruth Mortimer

Global President
Advertising Week

Justin Scarborough

Senior Director, Programmatic

Rohini Sen

Head of Insights
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