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AWForward: Focus on People

AWForward: Focus on People

Adapting to the evolving ads ecosystem with Creative that brings people into focus

As we know by now, the digital ads ecosystem is going through significant changes, driven by the topic of consumer privacy. These changes are having major implications on the visibility of a lot of customer activity, reducing advertisers’ ability to deliver personalized messaging for performance campaigns. How can advertisers navigate an ever-changing ads ecosystem with decreased visibility, while respecting people’s privacy choices? It may seem surprising, but Creative is one of the greatest tools an advertiser has in navigating the evolving ads ecosystem. Learn how people first creative can help you thrive in any iteration of the digital ads ecosystem.


Steven Moy

Steven Moy is a hands-on agency CEO who lives by the philosophy “Speed is the New Black.” He has a strong track record of creating high-performing teams with new service offerings, strategic acquisition of capabilities, and high-growth partnerships. For decades, Steven has worked on large-scale digital transformation and world-recognized initiatives for global brands.

Since joining Barbarian as CEO in 2019, Steven has fundamentally reshaped the agency from top to bottom. He has launched Barbarian’s first global office in Warsaw, Poland; added 15 new clients; launched 4 new business practices including Consulting and an industry-first alliance with sports media personality Jay Williams; and hired new Creative and Technology department heads from AKQA and R/GA. These accomplishments led Steven to be named to Campaign’s 40 Over 40 list in 2020. In 2021, FastCompany honored Barbarian’s 2020 Social Commerce Innovation Mucinex Sickwear as a World Changing Idea and invited Steven to join Fast Company Executive Board as an Official Board Member.

Prior to Barbarian, Steven served as US CTO at R/GA. Before R/GA, he served as Isobar UK’s CEO and previously as the US Chief Commerce Officer.

Tatiana Peck
Strategy & Insights lead, Marketing Science Research, Creative Shop

Barcelona-born and transatlantic grown, Tatiana has spent the last 5 years exploring the great digital frontier as the Strategy & Insights lead at Facebook’s Creative Shop, developing data-backed creative solutions at scale that sit at the intersection of people, culture, and technology.

Previously, Tatiana worked at small, independent ad agencies — most recently, as a Strategy Director at Big Spaceship, where she led a variety of new business pitches and client accounts, including Purina, Google Play, Chobani, and AOL, while establishing internal mentorship and collaboration best practices.

You can find Tatiana playing pool in Brooklyn, enjoying the finest jamón, and loving on her dog Snacks.