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Tuesday, September 28, 2021





What Matters: ALLYSHIP IN ADVERTISING is part of the 2021 franchised content series in partnership with Advertising Week.

In this episode, we will explore how Instagram is a powerful vehicle for all creators to expand their reach and even earn an income. But, creators of color have often struggled to receive the recognition they deserve, although they are the ones who create the content that goes viral, a lot of times without attribution. How can advertisers better engage with the creators who are actually driving the creativity?


Alvin Bowles

Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions & Partnerships

Thai Randolph

President & COO
Laugh Out Loud

Everette Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer

Sharon Lee Thony

Director of Digital Marketing Agencies

Steven Wolfe Pereira

CEO & Co-Founder


What Matters: The Future of Creators in Advertising

In this episode, we will explore how the creator economy is reshaping and disrupting the advertising industry. We’ll also look at what this means for brands moving forward.

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What Matters: Sustainability

Technology has a unique opportunity to adapt a new generation of companies who build businesses with social good integrated directly into their business models. Will sustainability be one of the most important initiative for advertisers moving forward?

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What Matters: Personalized Advertising

In this episode, we will spend time with minority and women owned businesses on the impact of personalized advertising and how it impacts their growth.

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What Matters: Diversity Town Hall

In celebration of Black History Month, join us as we spotlight best-in-class diverse creative campaigns and the marketers leading the way to promote balanced representation in advertising. Our panel will discuss the work, why it’s important, and the impact that they hope to make.

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What Matters: Innovation

Facebook and Advertising Week kicked off 2021 with a look at top trends, insights and innovations across the industry with our first installment of the What Matters series on January 11th. We shared reflections, predictions, and inspiring stories of innovation.

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