How Your Brand Can Empower Wellness in 2021

By Richard Larsson, AW360

If quarantine-living taught us anything, it’s that the need to be mindful of our health and fitness is more important than ever. It goes without saying that solation and seemingly endless days of sedentary existence isn’t good for us, and a renewed interest in our whole-person wellness, supported by brands we love, is necessary to rejuvenate our lives as we exit lockdown and rejoin our friends and family in the post-COVID world.

What can brands and marketers do to benefit consumers during this crucial period of their lives? Our friends at Healthline Media have created their 2021 Fitness Forecast to answer that very question.

Among the highlights:

  • Regular recovery –There has been a 30% increase in muscle recovery searches since the onset of the pandemic as consumers seek consistency in their daily lives and workout routines. Targeting your audience inside and outside the gym goes a long way to building faith that brands care about core consumer health beyond simple exercise trends.
  • The emphasis on shorter movement –Biking, cleaning, walking, and gardening-are simple everyday activities that feed the body and promote longevity. Consumers are increasingly aware of this, with a 76% search growth for short workouts. Brands can do well by fitting into consumers’ ever-changing daily routines.
  • The rise of digital fitness – From the simple wearable-based pedometer to adventure-esque platforms, fitness apps of all types have seen a 67% usage gain, with 9 in 10 physically active Americans saying they’ll continue using at-home workouts even after they return to gym post-lockdown.
  • Silo sports – Coastal cities are already experiencing a huge increase in the number of surfers. As a physically demanding and mostly solo sport, surfing and other similar activities are expected to see continued and explosive growth in the years to come.
  • Wearables everywhere –Year-over-year sales of wearables have increased 30% globally, proving that these devices have officially crossed over from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ territory. The fitness-enabled wearable market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2025, fueled by consumer desire to come back from COVID in better health than ever.

To view the full 2021 Fitness Forecast report from Healthline Media, click here.