Reset, the Podcast: Elizabeth Cowper, CEO and Founder, WoMO Network and the Ludo Partnership

Elizabeth Cowper, CEO and Founder, WoMO Network and the Ludo Partnership

Having always been a working mother myself, I was very excited to sit down with Elizabeth Cowper, Founder of WOMO Network-a SaaS platform transforming the world of the working mother. The business is on a mission to improve the retention of female talent whilst providing a wellbeing solution for mothers and supporting those around her.

We talk candidly about what being a working mother has both looked and felt like for us personally as well as the professional challenges that it has brought along the way. We also discuss our shared passion for being an entrepreneur and explore the WHY behind our businesses. Our conversation looks at the grit, grind and less glamorous moments of being an entrepreneur and why the sense of purpose behind what we do ultimately keeps us going and grounded.

The conversation also looks at the current corporate landscape and the need for businesses to really be looking after employees in the same way they would look after their customer needs. We discuss the importance of open and vulnerable leadership to change cultures and shift mindsets when it comes to wellbeing at work and explore how organisations can and should be using the learnings and opportunities from the pandemic to drive real change and create opportunities for a modern and agile workforce.

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