Reset, the Podcast: Kit Krugman – The Power of Creativity and Curiosity

Stylized photo of Kit Krugman

This week on Reset the podcast I am talking to the energetic and insightful Kit Krugman, Managing Director, co: collective. Having a creative outlet is a key part of our own wellbeing and so I love Kit talking through all things creativity, career paths and kindness.

Together we discuss the essence of what makes a great modern leader. Kit believes in creating a clarity of vision and focus, excellent communication skills, authenticity and how to be authoritative as a woman

We also reflect on the importance of leaders recognising when it is time to reaffirm or a time to change their company’s core values. Kit says that whilst it is important that these values endure, they should also evolve. What might have worked for 5 people won’t work for 500. As the behaviours, culture and ways of working within the company change and grow, their values should too, and leaders have a duty to support this growth.

If you are currently challenged with growing a business through this time of economic disruption, this conversation will be both thought provoking as well as inspiring.


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