Reset, the Podcast: Margaret Jobling, CMO, NatWest Group

Margaret Jobling, CMO, NatWest Group

Today Suki (Founder & CEO Let’s Reset  talks to one of the UK’s most senior marketing leaders, Margaret Jobling, CMO, NatWest Group.  Marg is the ultimate polymath. With a PhD in Laser Chemistry and a career in marketing, she has a brilliant mix of magic and logic. Beyond that, she’s also someone with a reputation for creating cultures where kindness, creativity and performance come to the fore. Suki and Marg talk about that cultural focus and her two big reset moments in life, where she discovered the importance of juggling and why she thinks self-limiting beliefs get in the way for women,  in particular. Oh, and they talk about trousers. Marg’s view is that we all step into our trousers one leg at a time which signals her belief that leaders are never all seeing and all doing. They are just like everyone else but with a bit more experience and sometimes grey hair!

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