Reset, the Podcast: Mark Bright – Where Drive and Inner Resilience Comes From

This week on Reset the podcast I am talking to the talented, charming and brilliant Mark Bright, former Premier League footballer, Ambassador, Crystal Palace FC and author of ‘My Story’ From Foster care to footballer.

My conversation with Mark is simply remarkable and inspirational. Brutally honest, he shares with me how he grew up in Foster care, the impact of being abandoned by his Mum and Dad then growing up with his brother with a loving white family. Living with the racism he encountered throughout his childhood and into his stellar football career. We debate whether it was his upbringing that gave him the extra drive to achieve all he has as a footballer and his subsequent career or if it came from deeper within.

We discuss how Mark has learnt to cope with his past, present and how he has mastered the difficult skill of reflecting upon and accepting losses. You will hear how he gives credit to his incredible resilience, and how he believes it requires a strong recognition that you can’t change the past, but what you can do is give your future 100%, always.  This brilliant mindset is what has helped Mark to get where he is today.


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