Reset, the Podcast: Pete Markey, CMO, Boots

Pete Markey, CMO, Boots
This week I get to talk about one of my favourite things, Christmas ads! with Pete Markey, one of the most established marketeers and one of my oldest friends in the industry. Pete is the Chief Marketing Officer of the beloved British brand, Boots and in our Reset the podcast, conversation, he talks to me about the path that has led him to this role and the learnings, lessons and laughter he has had along the way.
We explore how being Pete’s authentic self both in and out of work has shaped who he is as a leader, a father and a husband and discuss the importance that relationships have played throughout his journey. He explains why never standing still and his need for knowledge has been critical to his success as well as  the role both curiosity and more recently, comedy, have played in making him the leader he is today.
Of course I couldn’t let Pete go without covering the Boot’s Chistmas campaign, ‘Bags of Joy,’ which has recently aired and the inspiration and insight which sits behind it. We cover Creativity, comedy and Christmas… this is certainly not an episode to be missed.

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