Reset, the Podcast: Pieta McCrum, Wellbeing and Fitness Omnipreneur – Love Thy Self Every Day

Reset, the Podcast: Pieta McCrum and suki thompson

This week I get to talk all about one of my favourite topics… physical wellbeing. Whilst being no elite athlete myself, I have always loved exercise and it’s something which has played a huge part in my life, so I was delighted to sit down with Pieta McCrum Wellness and Fitness Omniprenuer, someone who has made a business out of helping others prioritise and improve their physical health and love themselves every day.

It is no secret that our physical and mental wellbeing are intertwined, and Pieta McCrum,  talks about this with me, sharing the beginning of her exercise journey as a young teenager. As a girl, Pieta was encouraged to exercise to help battle regular panic attacks and anxiety. Since then, sports and movement has been a crutch she has leant on particularly to help her through hard times such as grief, birth and moments of transition and upheaval which she shares with me candidly.

Often in life there is a moment of challenge that makes or breaks us. For Pieta, the birth of her second child, exacerbated her severe back pain and she was forced to re-evaluate her life both in a personal and professional capacity. Pieta made the bold decision to leave her career of 22 years in film and television and focus on curing her chronic pain, before using her learnings to help other women in the same position. From humble beginnings, running a free fitness group for mothers and children at her local school, to now running a truly commercial business connecting women across the world to reach their health and fitness goals – Pieta certainly knows the meaning of resilience and hard work.

It was a joy to speak to Pieta and a reminder of just how important it is for us to prioritise both our mental and physical health. I hope this episode of RESET the podcast inspires you to focus on your wellness, even if you start for just 5 mins a day… if you have enjoyed the show please follow, rate and share with your colleagues and friends. It makes a real difference to us.

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