Reset, the Podcast: Sam Conniff and Katherine Templar Lewis

Sam Conniff and Katherine Templar Lewis

This week’s conversation is a deep dive into a sensation we all know well, but often fail to truly understand- uncertainty. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sam Conniff and Katherine Templar Lewis, otherwise known as The Uncertainty Experts, who, as their name would suggest, are some of the leading authorities on the topic of Uncertainty. Bonded by mutual interest in understanding human behaviour as well as their own personal habits, Katherine and Sam share their stories about what led them to becoming experts in this space and the resets which have shaped them along the way.

Our discussion brilliantly simplifies what uncertainty is, how it impacts us all and why it makes us feel the way it does. The real power of the conversation however, comes from the Expert’s insight into not only how we can better understand uncertainty as a series of ‘Fear, Fog and Stasis’, but how we can use it as a superpower to learn, adapt and absorb our surroundings to unlock our potential. They give us tips and tricks and hacks to reframe how we think about and even feel the sensation including reconnecting our body and mind and practicing ‘radical gratitude’.

If I wasn’t excited before, I now certainly cannot wait to see The Uncertainty Experts at work at our Power Up Festival on Thursday 19th May, where they will deliver a workshop to take the power of uncertainty to the next level. If you haven’t got your ticket see the link below or sign up to RESET the podcast as we are giving away tickets to some of our new members.

Katherine Templar Lewis and Sam Conniff

Suki Thompson  (Founder/CEO Let’s Reset) @sukithompson (Insta)

POWER UP is on May 19th in London For tickets email


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