After Vizio, is Telly next?

Like everyone, the founders and owners of Telly have a price. Will the potential acquirer be willing to offer a price that everyone will accept?

CTV Advertising Factors for 2024 Campaigns

For political advertisers, the path to connecting with voters is clear – connected TV is key as voters have migrated and are engaged. The share of political spend on CTV/OTT is significant and is expected to grow. 

It’s Time to Change How We Buy TV Ads

The time has come for advertisers to shed the shackles of outdated metrics and embrace a future where every advertising dollar spent can be directly linked to tangible outcomes.

A Brighter Future for Video Advertising Vs. Search

2024 is a year where these innovations in video will deliver the initial seed of growth that could overtake search in the next 5 years.  If your brand is looking to prepare for the future, you should be gathering insights and testing these new formats now.

TV Unboxed: How to Unleash the True Potential of TV in 2024

Reports of the death of linear TV have been grossly exaggerated but there is a reality to the numbers: according to Ofcom there were 2,490 TV programmes watched by 4m or more people in 2014 compared to only 1,184 in 2022.