What About The Music: Berry English

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In Season 2 Episode 2 of ‘What About The Music,’ SoStereo Co-Founder Beto Azout is joined by Berry English, Executive Creative Director at Condé Nast. The two work together to unlock & express the power that music has on video content.

Episode Highlights

  • 07:13 – Berry discusses his typical approach to finding music for a project
  • 12:30 – Beto & Berry explore the advantages of using music from up-and-coming artists
  • 14:01 – Berry walks us through the global electronic music campaign for AB InBev
  • 20:07 – Berry lists some key takeaways for aspiring creatives/producers

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SoStereo makes it fast and easy for brands/agencies to use real music by real artists on their video content. Our goal is to help brands unlock the marketing power of music; to elevate content & better connect with consumers. Find out more at sostereo.com

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