Advertising Week and Let’s Reset Partner to Launch Power Up Festival

Advertising Week and Suki Thompson’s Let’s Reset are joining forces to stage a one-day virtual event called Power Up, arming individuals and teams with the skills, ideas and inspiration necessary to improve their wellbeing and mental health in 2021.

The event, taking place on Tuesday 26th January, recognises the negative affect 2020 has had on both individuals and teams and the need to take on the new year with renewed focus and energy. It will see experts across the advertising, business and entertainment worlds present keynotes and workshops in a virtual environment.

Hosted by actress, author and activist, Rose McGowan and founder and CEO of Let’s Reset, Suki Thompson, the event will challenge teams and individuals to:

  • Improve performance and productivity by offering new ways of working with a more creative mindset.
  • Enhance wellbeing by exploring new approaches to being well, in body and in mind. Feel energised, powered up and ready to take on new challenges.

Rose McGowan says “We must find the energy within to heal ourselves and others. Let us be the change we want to see, for us, for our families, for our employees, for humanity.”

Suki Thompson says “There’s a new way to empower teams, enabling us to perform better, and live our lives more creatively. This Festival will help companies and employees power up their working lives, learning skills and techniques as well as being inspired by authentic stories. It’s a great way to start the year and will make a tangible difference to Q1 results and beyond.”

Keynote speakers include Sebastian James, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Boots, Carolyn McCall, CEO, ITV, Geoff McDonald, Global Mental Health Campaigner, and Arianna Huffington, CEO, Thrive Global.

Power Up will feature keynotes and workshops presented across three channels, helping teams and individuals perform productively, be well in body and mind, and create a renewed sense of wellbeing and purpose for 2021:

Perform: Explore a growth mindset. Discover leadership for a new world. Unlock your personal brand and understand what makes you thrive.

Be Well: Nurture your wellbeing. Turn anxiety into confidence. Bring physical, emotional and mental wellness to your workplace.

Create: Learn something new. Stimulate your senses. Broaden your skillset, create something and learn to switch off!You can sign up now to the Power Up Festival at

Power Up your mind, Power Up your body, Power Up the workplace, and prepare to reset and start the new year the right way.