Navigating the Inevitable Future of AI Influencers

As AI rises, it makes sense that people might assume that influencer marketing will be a casualty. Afterall, part of the appeal of following influencers on social media is that you start to feel like you know them.

Scale, Social & AI: Sonic Branding in 2024

As sonic branding has become more recognized for its strengths, we no longer need to start with defining what sonic branding is and its potential to flex across a brand’s entire ecosystem.

Over 800% Increase in Junk Sites, But What Can Advertisers Do?

While the emergence of AI as an integral part of marketing comes with many positives, this has also led to a significant growth in so-called “junk sites,” with the technology making it easier for fraudsters to make money through illegitimate titles.

Why AI Needs a Branding Exercise

AI should function as a tool, not a replacement for individual thought, individual workers. Think of how the internet transformed the workplace, phasing out the inherent necessity for fax machines, printers, and more.

Industry Views from the AI Safety Summit

As AI continues to dominate and concerns over safety ramp up, we spoke to four advertising and marketing experts on what’s next for AI – is it hindering or helping innovation and how it can be incorporated into advertising, marketing and business strategies in 2024?

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