Embracing the AI Wave in Advertising to Empower SMBs

The future of advertising is bright, driven by the collaborative potential of AI and human creativity. As the industry evolves, those who embrace AI will lead the way, setting new standards and having the best shot at achieving remarkable success.

AI Will Give Us Back Creativity

What will the future look like? Ask AI, but ask the right questions, and check the answers, if you have a vision of what the world could know, share and dream.

Retaining the Personal Touch as AI Reinvents Retail

The AI revolution brings with it a significant concern – will the technology’s pursuit of data-driven automation come at the cost of the authentic human connections that are so vital to exceptional retail service?

Say Hello to HI (Human Intelligence)

Used ethically, AI has the potential to actually enhance the authenticity of marketing campaigns by helping marketers identify HI in the wild.