AWAccelerate @ AWNewYork

As part of Advertising Week New York’s return to live in the Fall, we’ll be hosting our first AWAccelerate. This new Accelerator program will provide education and acceleration to marketing-related technology companies. Participants will learn from the world’s greatest marketers and have strategic amplification access to the Advertising Week global platform. The innovation program will connect startups to AW constituents around the globe including brands, agencies, media companies, investment and more.

Accelerator Theme: Quantum Marketing

Our imminent future will continue to be totally disrupted by explosive new technologies, tectonic cultural shifts, and a tsunami of data. Classical theories, strategies and tactics of consumer engagement and commerce will no longer work. Just like Quantum Physics came in where classical physics failed, Quantum Marketing will step in to lead the way through disrupted commerce.

Leveraging the combined expertise of the world’s leading global brand, media, and technology executives, AWAccelerate: Quantum Marketing will focus on the principles of Quantum Marketing to target marketing technology-oriented digital firms that include, but are not limited to:

  • AdTech
  • MarTech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing Automation and Personalization
  • E-Commerce and Retail Technology
  • Content Marketing
  • Data & Analytics
  • CRM
  • SAAS

About the Program

The one-day, Quantum Marketing themed program is designed for early- stage companies with a product or service in the market. The program will take place during Advertising Week New York in October 2021. A maximum of fifteen (15) highly curated companies will be selected and will receive:

  • A day of education, networking and inspiration from leading brand,
    media, agency, technology, and investment executives
  • Opportunity to pitch before AWNY attendees in-person and virtually
  • Chance to become AWNewYork 2021’s Best in Show
  • Curated meetings with brand and marketing executives
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