Benny the Bull

Team: Chicago Bulls

Debut Year: 1969

Signature Move: Acrobatics, dunking, dancing, all-around crowd-pleasing

Benny the Bull Trivia

  • Benny the Bull holds the distinction of being the very first NBA mascot.
  • He was named after Ben Bentley, the first announcer and publicist for the Chicago Bulls.
  • Benny has several family members, all mascots, including Mini Benny, Big Ben, Benson, Gus T. Bull, Mama Betty, and the Inflatabulls.
  • A fan favorite mascot, Benny is the recipient of several awards. He is a 12-time NBA All-Star Mascot, NBA Mascot of the Year 2015, and Shorty Awards 2020 – Best in Dance.
  • In 2017, Benny was inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.
  • On and off the court, Benny is proud to be a good role model to kids of all ages. He is a member of the Chicago Bulls’ All-Star Reading Team.
  • Benny likes to dress up for holidays. Over the decades, fans can spot him decked out in a Santa suit and donning green for St. Patrick’s Day. He also wears a suit for red carpet occasions.

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