Blaze the Trail Cat and Douglas Fur

Team: Portland Trail Blazers

Debut Year: 2002 (Blaze) and 2023 (Douglas Fur)

Signature Move: Dancing (Blaze), cheering on the Trail Blazers (Douglas Fur)

Blaze the Trail and Douglas Fur Trivia

  • The Portland Trail Blazers have two official mascots: Blaze the Trail Cat and Douglas Fur, a Bigfoot who is supposedly the long lost relative of the former Trail Blazers’ Sparky Bigfoot mascot.
  • Blaze has been the Trail Blazers mascot since 2002 and Douglas Fur came on in 2023. The pair are best pals and Blaze works to show Douglas how basketball is fun.
  • Blaze was born in the towering pines of the Oregon Cascades. He’s a unique looking cat with two-toned silver fur ears, a heart-shaped nose, and a tail that looks like blazing flames. He has an energetic, playful personality.
  • Since 1904, Oregonians have reported sightings of hairy, beast-like creatures throughout the Pacific Northwest forests. Douglas Fur kept himself hidden for years amongst the Douglas fir trees in Forest Park until he was discovered by Blaze. Blaze befriended him and encouraged Douglas, or Douggy as Blaze nicknamed him, to make Rip City is new home.
  • Blaze and Douglas have many favorite places in Portland. Some of these include the Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, Washington Park, Rose Garden, Forestry Center, Oregon Humane Society, Oregon Cascades, and Moda Center.

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