Catching Some Zs with Iyia Liu

Wooing Generation Z can be a tough sell. Educated, dedicated and increasingly conscious of their consumption habits, they can be a tricky cohort to engage in authentic ways. Unless of course, you’re New Zealander Iyia Liu, a serial entrepreneur who has shown again and again she knows what Gen Z wants.

The Changing Definition of What It Means to Travel

To many, it feels as though the skies have parted and the world around us is opening up. Our worlds have been ‘unlocked’ and it has us ready for what’s next. In fact, the first place we’ve gone is to our computers…“Get me the heck out of here!”

Communication Gaffes Can Derail Sports Careers, So Don’t Wing It

You would never think about doing your job without ensuring you’re fully prepared for what’s in front of you. And yet, time and again, many people continue to wing it when it comes to one of the few areas that can immediately derail projects, reputations, even careers.