How To Take Your Agency’s Strategy From Fuzzy To Future-Proof In 2021

The impact COVID-19 had on business rendered agencies’ strategic plans obsolete and disrupted their clients’ pre-existing marketing and branding roadmaps. After spending the past year scrambling for new business and adjusting to remote work, agencies finally have a little breathing room.

All You Need to Know About Building a Powerful Brand Identity

Branding is the way a business owner communicates his or her business’ identity to customers. It’s beyond what you sell; it’s your mission, company values, aesthetic, and tone of voice. It’s essentially how customers emotionally experience your company.

Amazon’s Goal Isn’t to be the World’s Biggest Store

The parochial view of Amazon is they’re a high-volume store that struggles with thin profit margins. Water cooler stock experts marvel at its high stock price and crow about its measly profits.  Here’s some free advice: don’t listen to the arm-chair experts.

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