Chuck the Condor

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Debut Year: February 29, 2016

Signature Move: Tumbling, dancing, and dunking

Chuck the Condor Trivia

  • Chuck has won the hearts of Clipper Nation ever since he flew into the Arena in February 2016. During his debut, he surprised each Clippers fan with a free pair of Chuck Taylors.
  • Chuck the Condor’s signature look includes wearing the number 213 to represent the city of Los Angeles and rocking a pair of red Chuck Taylors on his feet.
  • He has a 10-foot wingspan and hails from the California condor species.
  • At Clippers games, Chuck prides himself on being the center of attention. He entertains fans of all ages with his unique skills that include tumbling, dancing, and dunking and his comedy stylings.
  • Chuck was named the 2021-22 NBA Mascot of the Year.

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