AWLearn, Advertising Week’s Educational arm wants to recognize those how strive to propel their career development. AWLearn digital certificates and badges offer a guide for those looking to up-skill in specialty areas and get rewarded for their accomplishments along the way.

There is a common belief that if you do not have a picture from your participation in an activity, you never actually attended. What’s better than a photo? A digital badge or certificate with metadata incorporated allowing you to be recognized by your network as well as make your Linkedin profile stand out from the crowd.

AWLearn will be issuing digital badges and certificates shortly following the On-Demand period, as indications for accomplishments. Badges and certificates will be able to be shared on social platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.


Advertising Week is pleased to announce that it is continuing CPD certification for its Advertising Week New York event. The event is being accredited by independent body The CPD Certification Service so that attendees can use their time spent engaging with the event towards their own companies’ training programs.

AWNewYork delegates will receive their personal CPD certificate after watching 15 or more episodes from Advertising Week. Certificates will be distributed following the events completion. The Advertising Week education team will follow up with anyone who is close to earning their certificate prior to the On-Demand end date.


Want to leave with a momento to display your new knowledge? Watch 5 sessions from an individual track of content to earn your Advertising Week New York Badge. Display on your LinkedIn profile or share to your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook networks.

Requirements to Earn badges and CPD Certificates

  • Badge: Watch a minimum of five (5) sessions from the specific badge session list.
  • Certificates: Watch a minimum of 15 sessions (approximately 7.5 hours) at AWNewYork (live or on-demand)

Badge Benefits

  • Carry metadata with relevant skills and knowledge learned to embed into your profile
  • Easily sharable to all social media networks
  • Attendees can use the time spent engaging with the event towards their own companies’ training programs
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