Harry the Hawk

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Debut Year: October 25, 1986

Signature Move: Incredible dance skills

Harry the Hawk Trivia

  • Hatched on October 25, 1986, Harry the Hawk is one of the first mascots debuted by the National Basketball Association (NBA). He proudly calls the State Farm Arena his home, along with the entire Atlanta Hawks team.
  • The Atlanta Hawks had another mascot at the same time as Harry. His name was Skyhawk. Unlike Harry who was known for getting the crowd pumped up with his dancing moves, Skyhawk would perform slam dunks using a small trampoline when there was a break in the game.
  • In 2022, Sports Illustrated reported that Harry was the second-highest paid mascot in the NBA. He’s paid $600k annually, $200k more than Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls) and just $5k less than Rocky the Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets).
  • Harry is actively involved in various fundraisers. Recently, he participated in the 2023 Hawks Fast Break 5K presented by Sharecare and was present when the Atlanta Hawks Foundation presented an $144,000 check to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) in March 2023.
  • Harry’s favorite food is popcorn, according to his X bio.

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