Hugo the Hornet

Team: Charlotte Hornets

Debut Year: November 4, 1988

Signature Move: Dunking — four-time winner of the NBA Mascot Slam Dunk Championship

Hugo the Hornet Trivia

  • Hugo the Hornet was designed by Cheryl Henson, the daughter of Jim Henson who created The Muppets.
  • More than 6,000 names were submitted by Hornets fans to name Hugo.
  • Hugo is the two-time winner of the NBA Best Mascot Award.
  • Hugo retired early from Charlotte in 2002 when the Hornets moved cities, but “flew” back to rejoin the Hornets where they returned Charlotte in 2014.
  • According to the NBA, Hugo stands tall at 6’5” (with antenna) and has a wingspan of 4’.
  • Hugo’s favorite shoes are Jordan 11 Concords. He describes himself as “part sneakerhead, part mascot.”
  • His age is “none of your beeswax.”
  • Apart from fulfilling his brand mascot duties at Spectrum Center, Hugo also acts as a Hornets ambassador. He regularly makes appearances throughout the Charlotte community with an emphasis on programs dedicated to education and reading.

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