Indi Announces Income Generating App with Multiple Monetization Features Available for Everybody

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – August 3, 2020 – Indi, an innovator in digital engagement and ecommerce solutions, announces the launch of a new app designed to empower individuals to make money from their social connections in a fun and easy way. It is especially timely in a period when many are seeking new or alternative ways to produce income in response to the impacts on the job market from Covid-19 as well as the ongoing expansion of the gig economy.

Projections indicate that, by the end of 2020, some 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. That number is expected to increase due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With multiple revenue features, Indi offers a powerful avenue for anyone to generate income based on their expertise and social network connections. The app provides everybody an opportunity to earn – from creators, product enthusiasts, influencers and satisfied consumers to celebrities, athletes, and skilled professionals.

The new Indi app encompasses four distinct modules:

Love It

Consumers enthusiastic about fashion, beauty, sports, art, accessories, home decor, travel or any other category can tag products to share in their social media content and earn commission when someone buys using their Indi links. Indis catalog includes more than 80 million products from nearly 2,000 merchants, providing one of the largest marketplace catalogs in the U.S. for users to tag products.

Know It

Experts in any field can teach and share their skills by creating on-demand videos. Unlike other video hosting platforms that pay insignificant margins, users can set their price, monetize directly from their viewers and keep substantially all of the revenue generated.

Check It

Users can get paid for providing personal feedback to individual followers through custom, personalized, two-way recorded videos, including tips, lessons, advice, and reviews of ideas or content.

Shout It

High-visibility influencers and personalities can brighten someone’s day by providing personalized video content while earning income.

“We believe Indi is the only app offering all four of these opportunities in a single platform, which is why we’re so excited about the impact it can have on anybody seeking alternative sources of income while having a genuine personal relationship with their social connections,” said Indi President Shikha Uberoi Bajpai. “It’s all about accessible wealth generation for everyone based on peer-to-peer engagement where users can easily benefit from one or all of the features of the app and provide valuable content to their audience.”

In addition to the four main monetization features, Indi also has an incentive-based referral program. Unlike many other programs that offer a one-time bonus, Indi pays members a significant bonus plus continued commissions for up to 12 months for each qualified referral.

“Our business is about helping people earn money. When we were developing our marketing plan, we took that to heart. By rewarding our members for helping our business grow, were helping their Indi revenue get a jumpstart, too. All while spreading the word about Indis income-generating opportunities,” said Indi Chief Marketing Officer Trever Gregory.

Billions of users create content on social media, yet only a negligible percentage monetize that activity. Even when they do, the income generated is not sustainable and is sporadically tracked. Moreover, creators are forced to take cumbersome and time-consuming steps on various platforms in an unregulated scenario where brands pay influencers for posts. With Indi, people can monetize their passions without intermediaries that dictate whether they qualify to earn and how much they can earn.

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About Indi

Indi is revolutionizing ecommerce, entertainment and entrepreneurship by creating a platform for individuals to make money through their social connections. Indi has four fun and easy-to-use revenue generating features that allow users to be paid for sharing products and providing content. We are a team of ecommerce experts, collegiate and professional athletes, influencers, military veterans, and other unique backgrounds. We have seen how technology has the distinct ability to enable and connect people who otherwise would never engage. Indi provides a platform to share, absorb, learn and grow while rewarding our users contributions.