Launch of JansenHarris, Award-Winning Brand Consultancy, in London

JansenHarris, an award-winning brand consultancy (winner of nine Transform Awards MEA in 2020), has launched its London office, lead by Claire Stuart (ex venturethree, Saffron) and Dustin Lawrence (ex Landor, Brandpie).

“This is an exciting era for our agency, and in keeping with the theme, we’re launching during a crisis,” says Viki Harris founder, referring to the Dubai business launch during the 2008 financial crisis.

“There’s never a good time to start a business”, says Claire Stuart, Managing Partner of the new UK business. The ultimate test of a business is to remain resilient, and there’s no better time to test than this.”

The company’s Strategic Partner, Dustin Lawrence, is interested in how this will help JansenHarris to connect with their clients: “It’s challenging us to think differently about how we partner with clients to create and recreate their brands. Beyond a new location, this has been a time of reflection and reinvention, and we can’t continue to do the same old – no one can. So our journey mirrors that of our clients, and we see this as an opportunity to explore this new era, together.”

As part of their launch, JansenHarris has observed how businesses are responding to Covid-19 to identify opportunities that brands can explore in an age they have coined: The New, Never Normal: a cheeky play on possibly the most overused phrase in 2020.

“We’re not navigators. We’re explorers. We leave the navigation to business consultancies, what we do is about discovering possibility in, and positivity for, brands’ futures” says Darien Harris, founder and creative director.

To deliver this promise, JH has developed a pureplay online workshop called SPARK! “We’ve designed it with a dispersed workforce in mind, to unlock the collective intelligence of a company’s workforce and have some fun along the way,” states Claire Stuart.

You can learn more about SPARK! workshops to explore the possibilities to survive and thrive in the New, Never Normal