Lucky the Leprechaun

Team: Boston Celtics

Debut Year: Early 1960s (as a logo), early 2000s (in-person)

Signature Move: Freestyle dunking

Lucky the Leprechaun Trivia

  • Lucky the Leprechaun has had two debuts on behalf of the Boston Celtics.
  • As an in-house logo and illustration, Lucky the Leprechaun has been around since the early 1960s. The Boston Globe reported that the original Lucky illustration was created by Zang Auerbach, a sports artist and brother to Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach. In the original logo, Lucky spins a basketball on one finger, balances a shillelagh in his other hand, and wears a bowler hat.
  • The first appearance of Lucky as an in-person mascot is cited by Getty Images to have happened during an October 2003 Celtics game.
  • In addition to being the Celtics’ mascot, Lucky is a world champion freestyle dunker and the coach of the JetBlue flight crew.
  • When he’s not dunking on the court, Lucky likes to spend time in the community and meet up with Celtics fans.

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