MavsMan and Champ

Team: Dallas Mavericks

Debut Year: Unknown for both mascots

Signature Move: Monstrous dunks (MavsMan), being furry (Champ)

MavsMan and Champ Trivia

  • MavsMan and Champ are the two mascots for the Dallas Mavericks.
  • The origin story for MavsMan is animated through a comic strip on the Mavericks website. According to the comic, MavsMan started out as a young kid who lacked confidence in himself. One night on his way home from school, he found it on the local basketball court. The energy of the court and the city’s spirit had been transferred into a basketball, which the boy was drawn to inexplicably. The moment he touches the basketball and dunks it into the hoop, the energy therein transforms him into MavsMan.
  • MavsMan is described as a legend on and off the basketball court. He works to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and make a difference everywhere they go.
  • Both MavsMan and Champ are active in the Dallas community. The mascots regularly make appearances at school shows, birthday parties, community activations, special occasion gift deliveries, and much more.

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