Moondog and Sir CC

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Debut Year: 2003 (Moondog) and 2010 (Sir CC)

Signature Move: Half-court shots (Moondog), swashbuckling (Sir CC)

Moondog and Sir CC Trivia

  • Moondog and Sir CC are the two mascots for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Moondog got his name from Alan Freed, a famous Cleveland DJ. Freed coined the phrase “rock & roll” and referred to himself as the “Moondog.” He referred to his listeners as “Moondoggers.”
  • Sir CC has been a Cavaliers fan since the 1970 through 1971 season.
  • Both Moondog and Sir CC are active in the Cleveland community and passionate about giving back. Moondog attends several walks and runs for various charities throughout the year. In past years, Sir CC has celebrated the Season of Giving by delivering gift bags to families in need around the Cleveland community.
  • Before Moondog and Sir CC, the Cleveland Cavaliers had a short-lived polar bear mascot named Whammer.

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