To explore the breadth of this topic, programmatic advertising technology company OpenX has partnered with Advertising Week to ask industry experts to share their opinions, experiences and insights and to shine a light on the future of digital marketing once third-party cookies are no more. This report, ‘The Post-Cookie World’ lays out the challenges and opportunities for marketers over the upcoming year.

The power of the Walled Gardens is an issue for publishers, agencies and consumers alike. Here we distill the key insights from OpenX’s roundtable discussion at Advertising Week 2020 and put the spotlight on a broad panel of experts across the media and marketing landscape. Read on as they establish how we arrived at the current situation and how we can tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


Programmatic advertising is in the midst of an evolution, and with all of the change occurring in the space, many brands and agencies are looking for new things from various partners in the ecosystem. In this chat, David Denny from OpenX will discuss some of the changes we’ve seen in recent years, what’s important to brands and agencies in programmatic today, and what’s coming next in programmatic.

In this session, hear from Seun Odeneye, MD of the UK and Ireland for Matterkind, and Emma Lacey, who oversees Buyer Development for OpenX in the EMEA region, about Matterkind’s approach to digital, the changing expectations of agencies, and how Matterkind is positioning their clients to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

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