Pierre T. Pelican and King Cake Baby

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Debut Year: 2013 (Pierre), 2014 (King Cake Baby)

Signature Move: Acting as co-mascot to King Cake Baby (and vice versa)

Pierre T. Pelican and King Cake Baby Trivia

  • Pierre T. Pelican is the official mascot for the New Orleans Pelicans. Previously, the Pelicans’ mascot was Hugo the Hornet who moved on to become the mascot for the Charlotte Hornets.
  • Pierre made his debut in 2013. The “T” stands for “The” as in “Pierre The Pelican.”
  • In 2014, Pierre debuted a new look after undergoing reconstructive surgery for a “broken beak.” According to a Pelicans press release, this injury occurred during a game of pick-up ball alongside other mascots when Pierre ran into a basket stanchion. The updated Pierre has a yellow beak, wings, and wears a blue jersey.
  • King Cake Baby was the Pelicans’ co-mascot who made his debut in 2014. His creation was inspired by the plastic baby found inside king cake baked to celebrate Mardi Gras. Tradition has it that if you found the baby in your slice, you’d experience luck and prosperity.
  • King Cake Baby wears a bib, a crown, socks, and a diaper as part of his mascot costume.
  • In 2024, King Cake Baby returned to all home Pelicans games through February 5.

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