Slamson the Lion

Team: Sacramento Kings

Debut Year: Fall 1997

Signature Move: Skits performed with tons of props and costumes

Slamson the Lion Trivia

  • Slamson the Lion is the Sacramento Kings’ official mascot. His full name is Felinus Entertanus Maximus.
  • It is slightly unclear as to when Slamson made his debut for the Kings, but his debut has been said to be either the fall of 1997 or the fall of 1998.
  • Slamson lore states a Kings scout found and recruited him after spotting Slamson taking a catnap under a tree in Capitol Park.
  • He wears a purple jersey and matching shorts, often donning additional costumes and using props during his silly skits.
  • Slamson is the recipient of the NBA’s Most Valuable Cat award which he has received 12 times.

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