Stuff the Magic Dragon

Team: Orlando Magic

Debut Year: February 21, 1989

Signature Move: Pre-game skits, grand entrances, and breakdancing

Stuff the Magic Dragon Trivia

  • Stuff the Magic Dragon is the official mascot for the Orlando Magic. His name is a reference to the song “Puff the Magic Dragon.” The word “stuff” is also slang for a slam dunk.
  • Pat Williams, the original Magic GM, also considered rabbit, wizard, and magic bean mascots before settling on a dragon.
  • Stuff is a big neon green dragon and is said to be the tallest dragon in Orlando’s history. He has a blue unibrow, two teeth, antennae with stars on his head, yellow puffers that represent “fire” which inflate and deflate from his nostrils, and a blue and pink mane which starts at his head and ends at his tail. He has a silly, yet charming, personality.
  • Contrary to popular online theories, Stuff is not a dupe of the Philly Phanatic. Rather, both mascot costumes were made by the same company.
  • Mascot lore says Stuff lives in the Dragon’s Lair at Amway Center with his own play area known as “Stuff’s Magic Castle” on the promenade level.
  • Stuff’s two air-mascot counterparts are Air Stuff and Air Stuff Jr. Mini-Stuff is a miniature mascot of Stuff.
  • Each year, a big birthday party is thrown for Stuff at a Magic home game. Mascots all over the NBA attend it!
  • He also hosts the “Celebrity Mascot Games” each year at Amway Center to raise money for the non-profit New Hope For Kids. Mascots all throughout the United States attend and compete in them.
  • named Stuff the Best Mascot of the Year three years running: 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  • Stuff the Magic Dragon was awarded NBA Mascot of the Year for two consecutive years in a row — 2016 and 2017. To date, he is the first NBA mascot to receive back-to-back year honors.

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