UK Advertising Export Group Launches ‘Made Global’ Campaign

The UK Advertising Export Group (UKAEG), a UK advertising industry marketing partnership with UK Government, launched a new campaign to profile the country’s leading advertising and marketing service companies at Advertising Week 2020.

It is led by a new 2-minute long film  ‘Made Global’, produced by The Mill with strategy by adam&eveDDB. The campaign features work from UK based companies for global brands. It aims to show that the UK’s advertising market is not just a gateway to Britain; it’s a gateway to everywhere and underlines how the country remains open for business during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


The campaign aims to celebrate the long heritage of the UK as one of the world’s leading hubs for advertising and marketing services. UK Advertising is the global hub, but it is also a global gateway for companies looking to go global. UK Advertising wants all brands to see the UK as a home from home and the first place they come to when expanding their business.
Over the years Global clients have been drawn to the UK for many reasons including;

  • The UK is the most awarded advertising hub per capita.
  • The UK is home to some of the world’s leading storytellers with a unique culture of delivering effectiveness through creativity.
  • The UK advertising and media industries have a proven history in solving creative problems and exciting audiences. UK Advertising has always been known for bold ideas and world-class productions.
  • The UK’s geographic position in the world provides the perfect time zone for working globally – we are able to cater for the USA and Asia and everywhere in-between.
  • The UK has always been a truly international population – our diversity as a nation means we can think globally and act hyper-locally. We speak many languages and attract creative talent from all over the world. It is this genetic make-up that makes the UK advertising industry rich in cultural perspectives and innovative ideas.
  • The UK is also the world’s most advanced digital advertising economy, third only in size to the US and China.

UK Advertising is already a global business; one that contributes £7.9billion to the UK economy.  With its pool of diverse skills, global talent and world-class creative capabilities, the UK Advertising market is not just your gateway to Britain; it’s your gateway to everywhere. UK Advertising is made global. Matt Scheckner, Global CEO, Advertising Week, said: “With the same creativity, fervor, passion and talent as what the world saw in the 1960’s with the British Invasion, the UK’s advertising delivers incredible work on a global scale. Without question, the UK will drive the global creative economy going forward, with advertising leading the way.”

The new campaign follows a highly successful Summer Showcase where the efforts of UKAEG created approx. 146,000 opportunities to meet and hear UK Advertising companies in its community. The Group’s marketing drive ensured that UK Advertising was visible and travelled virtually to key markets such as America, China, Europe and South Korea. It launched its first virtual trade mission which included 19 presentation slots and hosted networking events with China and South Korea during Lions Live.  Its second trade mission delivered over 55 new business meetings for members and UK Advertising was the headline sponsor at the inaugural PHNX Festival.

Annual UK exports of advertising services reached a total of £7.9 billion in 2018 according to the latest ONS figures, a 15% increase as the industry overtook Telecommunications and Engineering services to become the second-largest services for exports behind Computer Services. £3.7bn worth of advertising services were exported to EU nations, accounting for 53% of overall advertising exports. The percentage of all UK advertising exports going to Europe, including both the EU and non-EU countries, was 55%. The USA is the largest market for UK advertising services in terms of individual country exports. In total, the USA purchases £1.1bn worth of UK advertising services. The USA is followed by Germany (£1bn), France (£733m), Switzerland (£661m), and Ireland (£640m).

If you share our ambition to grow UK Advertising, we would love to hear from you. Contact Aisling Conlon, UKAEG Marketing Manager