UKG’s New Brand Spot Brings Iconic Masterpieces to Life

By Advertising Week

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), a global HR solutions and workforce management provider, strongly believes that the best way to evaluate the success of a company is by looking at the experiences and fulfillment of its people. They believe that when employees are happy, supported and motivated, a business becomes more than just a place of work – it becomes a work of art. This core ethos is brought to life in the new brand spot “Work of Art,” created by independent agency Zambezi, the largest certified female owned agency in America.

The “Work of Art” campaign includes video executions which take direct inspiration from three famous artistic masterpieces whose subjects and compositions come together in perfect harmony. The :30 commercial highlights employees of a technology company gathering to celebrate a co-worker, recreating Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam – followed by a roadside paving crew who recreate Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware – and finally, a hospital staff birthday celebration which mimics da Vinci’s The Last Supper. The spot concludes by pulling back to reveal a gallery wall displaying these workplace masterpieces, and is a nod to UKG’s role in helping businesses reach their full potential.

“The beauty of this idea is its simplicity, but the execution needed to meet a very high standard to feel visually spectacular,” said Zambezi Chief Creative Officer, Gavin Lester. “The concept brought on creative challenges and required a mix of creative thinking and technical expertise to truly bring this to life.”

This campaign was truly an exercise in craft, as each detail from casting, choreography, lighting, set design and composition was critical to the successful recreation of these iconic images that are so deeply embedded into our subconscious minds.

Zambezi worked with acclaimed director Johnny Green, (who also has a background and expertise in production design) of production company JOJX, to bring the story to life.  Green utilized a unique technique and filmed the scenes backwards, starting in the end position and then having each actor move through the choreography of the scenes in reverse.


  • Client: Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)
  • Agency: Zambezi
  • Production Co.: JOJX
  • Director: Johnny Green
  • Post Production: The Den