Announcing The Tech Lab, Presented by Jellyfish, at AWNewYork

the tech lab presented by jellyfish

Get your lab coat on and test tubes at the ready and join us as we delve into the science of AdTech, the future of MarTech and lift the lid on the audiences we all rely on. Check out some of the featured speakers who will be on the Tech Lab stage, eager to dive into their predictions and share their learnings:

  • Gali Arnon, Chief Marketing Officer, Fiverr
  • Dave Byrne, Global Head of Brand Safety and Industry, TikTok
  • Val Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, HeadSpace
  • Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy, Snap Inc.
  • Sarah Personette, VP, Global Client Solutions, Twitter
  • Kate Stanford, Vice President, Ads Marketing, Google
  • And more!

Featured Sessions at The Tech Tab

Is Precision Possible? Making CTV Measure Up
Mon 10/18 • 9:30AM EDT
Presented by Yahoo!

Goodbye channel surfing, hello app scrolling. During the pandemic boom in streaming and smart TVs, Connected TV has gone from an emerging channel to a leading one. But the CTV space is crowded and complex, making it hard to target audiences with precision and to know if your performance is really moving the needle on business goals. Join in as leaders from Yahoo and Vizio talk up how advances in CTV planning, data, and measurement are helping advertisers make the most out of the medium to maximize reach and results.

WTF is in the Bid Stream Right Now & What Will Prepare You for a Cookieless 2023
Mon 10/18 • 10:00AM EDT
Presented by Viant

Even with the delay of third-party cookie deprecation, marketers need to act with urgency for upcoming identity challenges. In a fragmented, cookieless world, getting holistic measurement and addressable audiences at scale is vital. See the identifiers in the bid stream today and which provide the addressability, scalability and measurability needed today. Learn how a people-based approach can provide scale outside the walled gardens and truly reach a wide variety of audiences across the ever-expanding open web.

The Future of Commerce: New Tools for New Connections
Mon 10/18 • 11:30AM EDT
Presented by Yahoo!

The pandemic completely upended consumer habits and expectations. Shifting brand loyalty, increased online shopping, and privacy concerns continue to change how we connect with audiences. There’s no going back to the “before times,” so how do we adapt? Tune in for a Yahoo-led conversation exploring new commerce solutions like innovative ad formats, evolutions in first-party data and measurement, and advances in programmatic advertising—all built to make millions of valuable connections across every screen.

Marketing by Mindset: Unlocking Contextual Targeting
Mon 10/18 • 12:30PM EDT
Presented by IAS

Amid increased privacy regulations and cookie deprecation, the industry looks to contextual targeting methods to reach audiences. IAS research has shown that when asked, consumers prefer contextually relevant ads. But how do their brains respond? Join the CMO of IAS, Tony Marlow, and their partners as they discuss the science behind consumer responses to contextually matched advertisements.

Learn How Target Listens to Guest Feedback and What That Means for Advertisers
Mon 10/18 • 2:00PM EDT
Presented by Roundel

In this session you will hear the one-of-a-kind journey to bring Target’s media measurement platform to life. This keynote explores the unique challenge that Target encountered, and the custom-built technology journey to bring best-in-class measurement to the industry.

Programmatic DOOH: A Growing Part of the Omnichannel Mix
Mon 10/18 • 3:00PM EDT
Presented by DPAA

Brands and agencies are embracing programmatic Digital out of home. Now schedules can be paused and pushed with great ease, as they are in all other digital media. Particularly helpful during the last 18 months programmatic digital out of home is being used increasing my brands and agency as it adds flexibility and agility to their planning processes. A panel of experts looks at the state of the art and what’s next on the horizon.

Bid Up Your Video: The Future of TV Is Up for Grabs
Mon 10/18 • 4:30PM EDT
Presented by PubMatic

When the pandemic is done disrupting the TV space, the channels will be changed… permanently. With the rise of new OTT and CTV programming and viewing patterns, we’ll surely be in a new age of dynamic, addressable streaming media, with new ways to transact on content and advertising. Join this session at Advertising Week to hear panelists discuss the new streaming era and how new ways to buy and sell ad inventory will change the game.

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