Why Brands Should Embrace the Two Star Review

Ultimately, ensure you’re providing a sense of thrill and urgency by tapping into the universal desire to feel seen and heard. Start with in-depth social listening to mine for opportunities. It’s not just what consumers are saying but how they’re emoting and expressing, context matters.

The Science Behind A Great Meme

First and foremost, good memes often take a novel approach to media and typically break corporate creative norms. What’s produced by the average corporate design team is likely too polished and too reliant on thoroughly researched formulas to capture the right mood.

How Brands Can Save the Holidays

The most powerful takeaway was that the coronavirus is causing consumers to face a duality of competing thoughts.

Tis the (new) Season: A Different Holiday Paradigm

For the third and final installment in our research series on consumer anxiety, we asked Americans about their holiday plans: How will they celebrate their traditions? Will they gather?

5 Strategies to Help Protect Your Brand in Social Media

As part of your social media marketing efforts, you should be aware of the possibilities of mistakes that can damage your brand’s image. Taking steps towards prevention is always the best solution to protecting your brand in social media.