Dudley Nevill-Spencer – Research and Technology Director Live & Breathe


Dudley Nevill-Spencer is a highly-regarded figure in the Research and Metaverse marketing community, named as one of the top 50 players in the world of influencer marketing in 2018 / 19 / 20, regularly speaking on the Metaverse and AI research at conferences such as Brandweek. An innovation pioneer, Dudley created one of the first influencer tools in 2012 and recently launched AI consumer Intelligence platform Data Kinetics ™ as well as founding Metaverse activation agency – Virtual Influencer Agency – in 2017

A professional learning student of Machine Learning at MIT, he has delivered segmentation, innovation and metaverse strategies for dozens of global brands, utilising technology and data to develop coherent communications campaigns that assimilate with rapid social, technological and cultural changes.