Elevate Launches Industry-First Data-Driven Reporting Tool, Impact, Empowering Marketers To Evaluate Event Effectiveness In Real-Time

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09 August 2021 – London, UK: Global staffing partner for brand experiences, Elevate, is today announcing the launch of Impact, an industry-first data-driven reporting tool that enables marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of event activation in real-time.

Impact Reporting, a proprietary tech platform, provides live insights into event audiences so marketers can analyse how event attendees connect to brands and their representatives on the ground. Underpinned by data insight, the Impact tool collects more than 250 individual data points pre-event, during event and post-event and tracks the success of a brand experience against 17 brand KPI measurements including: footfall, consumer engagement, net promoter score, purchase intent, brand satisfaction, social sentiment, click-through rate, and total purchase value.

Impact’s reporting dashboards are updated over 500 times every day during a live event, empowering marketers to track on-site data instantly. The ability to offer live insights can drive up to 35% more effectiveness as a result of better brand engagement and conversion.  It also gives marketers the ability to make changes in real-time during an event. The Impact reporting tool also provides benchmarking capabilities, allowing marketers to measure event performance against their other marketing activities.

Elevate CEO, Ed Wood, says: “The pandemic took a toll on the events industry. But it also provided a unique opportunity to innovate and define the next era of event experience. Our new Impact tech platform enables events, both online and in-person, to be quantitatively measured through the power of live data, offering marketers access to new insights that are being captured for the first time. Traditionally across the live events industry, data and reporting hasn’t received the investment or focus it merits, so we are now changing the way data is collected at all levels of an event. Impact will allow brands to benchmark event performance and ROI very clearly against all other marketing activity.”

Elevate COO, Carina Filek, adds: “We took advantage of the tech acceleration that happened last year in order to create a proprietary tech platform which uses data and insight to help event organisers. With Impact, marketers have real-time access to actionable and informative data about the events they are running, utilising best-in-class technology to drive event effectiveness. This is an industry-first tech platform that will make staffing and event activation truly measurable.”

Impact is available in both the UK and US markets, with further rollout planned in Germany, Austria and France later this year. The platform is able to run on both desktop and mobile tablet devices.

* Source:  Elevate: Project reporting review:  2019-21 US/UK

About Elevate:

Elevate is an award-winning global event staffing agency that connects people with brands. We lead the industry by enriching brand-consumer relationships through positive human connections. In the highly competitive world of experiential staffing, Elevate stands head and shoulders above other agencies and are the only truly global events staffing agency with offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Austria and Los Angeles.

We partner with clients from around the world to deliver lasting moments of engagements via marketing agencies such as Jack Morton, Havas, McCann, NCompass and Octagon and working with brands such as Facebook, Jägermeister, Oculus, Boots Walgreens Alliance and EA Games amongst others.

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