Enhance Your Career Growth and Earn CPD Points at Advertising Week Europe

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At this year’s Advertising Week Europe, we have multiple ways to build your skills and add value to your business. 

We have two core ways that Advertising Week can aid you in achieving your career goals through globally recognised training plans. 

For members of the IPA, we have partnered again this year as part of the IPA’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, where simply speaking or watching sessions gains you access to a range of training and resources to match your needs and help you reach your goals. 

Or suppose you’re attending Advertising Week and keen to collect your CPD points for your own career path. In that case, all Advertising Week attendees can take part in the open CPD scheme and receive certificates for the number of sessions they attend or view — either in person or digitally.

What Exactly is CPD?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a combination of approaches, ideas and techniques that help you manage your learning and growth. Your CPD is measured in hours, and you can gather these by taking part in educational experiences. 

How Does the IPA’s CPD Scheme Work?

Participating in CPD is a condition of IPA membership. Either as a delegate or a speaker, attending two 30-minute seminars of the AWEurope thought leadership programme counts for one hour of CPD. 

With a minimum requirement of 24 hours of learning per year for CPD members, Advertising Week’s range of seminars and workshops provides a fantastic and well-rounded opportunity to build your roster of learning hours with some of the industry’s brightest minds. Log your hours at Advertising Week Europe in your CPD diary on the IPA website.

How Can I Gain CPD Hours if I am Not a Member of the IPA?

Don’t worry, you can still take part! Advertising Week also offers one hour of CPD for every two sessions you watch, either in person or online. Your pass allows us to allocate these CPD hours to you, and watching 15 sessions will count as a full day of CPD training hours.

When you have finished watching your sessions live or on-demand, contact Brendan@stillwellpartners.com to receive your CPD certificate.

Advertising Week is recognised as a member of the independently accredited CPD body, and Advertising Week Europe has been granted permission to award CPD certificates for 2022.